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  5. "Die Kinder essen die Suppe."

"Die Kinder essen die Suppe."

Translation:The children eat the soup.

July 18, 2015



Shouldn't it be drink, instead of eat? So it should be "die Kinder trinken die Suppe"


If you never had soup you eat, then you never had proper soup.


Except the times when you're so focused on not spilling the water you add one and a half too much :P


Eh. Doesn't really matter. I mean, what if they were having chicken noodle soup? Then they would be eating it, I guess...


Why "kids" instead of "children" is a mistake?


I would not think it's wrong to use "kids"


I used kid instead of child and it was right????


"The soup" or " soup" ? I knowed soup don't use " the"


"the soup" is fine when you are speaking about specific soup that has been mentioned before in conversation.


Don't you mean knew?


Why isnt this accusative..like den since the chhildren are acting on the soup


den is only masculine accusative.

Neuter nouns, feminine nouns, and all nouns in the plural have accusative = nominative.

So die Suppe is also the correct form for the accusative.


This comments are very helpful about the physical state of the soup between 0 and 100 degrees C. But I still dont understand the gramatics. My answer the children are eating the soup is wrong by Duo. So why the present tense is not correct. Why the children eat the soup (like every day)


The children are eating the soup should be correct.


Am I wrong or is it the same word for "food" and "eat/are eating"?


They are the same, except that the noun is capitalized.


In english you dont drink a soup, you have a soup I am having my dinner I am having my soup Not I am drinking my soup .


i put 'drink' instead of 'eat' please tell me how that is wrong!!! You don't EAT a soup!.


We "eat" soup because it usually has meat and/or vegetables in it which have to be chewed. If it were only a broth and we lifted the bowl up to our lips, or if the broth were in a cup which we raised to our lips, we then would be drinking it. But, if the broth were in a bowl, and we used a spoon to get the broth to our mouths, we would say we are "eating" the broth.


THANK YOU. Some people just don't understand that not all soups are JUST liquid.


I thought "Kinder" was neuter, not feminine. I'm not the best on German grammar since duolingo doesn't really teach you it.


Kinder is plural.

There are no gender distinctions in the plural in German.

The singular, Kind, is neuter.


The kids are eating soup should be accepted.


Why do you think so?

“The soup” (a particular quantity that we had spoken about before or that is obvious from the context) is not the same as just “soup” (an unspecified quantity).


Is is in present tense or past tense? 'Die kinder essen die suppe? ' when I translate it in English I get a bit confused. Thanks


Die Kinder essen die Suppe. is in present tense.

Note that Kinder and Suppe are nouns and therefore must be capitalised.

In the past tense, it would be Die Kinder aßen die Suppe. or Die Kinder haben die Suppe gegessen.


for some reason I keep hearing "die Kinder essen die Zucker" with the female voice. I think my audio set up might be cutting out some frequency range... idk


I thought it was the children eat soup but it the children are eating soup


I thought it was the children eat soup but it the children are eating soup

No. Both of those translations are incorrect, since the German sentence has die Suppe ("the soup") and not Suppe ("soup").

So you can say "The children eat the soup" or "The children are eating the soup".

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