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"Antall studenter universitetet øker hvert år."

Translation:The number of students at the university is increasing every year.

July 18, 2015



I'm surprised antall doesn't need a definite suffix, and that it isn't followed by the preposition av. Is there more that can be said about this construction?


I asked something similar before and here is an example provided by fveldig "The number of students has doubled this year." can be said in Norwegian like this: "Antall studenter har doblet seg dette året." So I assume this construction is used often.


The absence of av is mentioned in the lesson Food https://www.duolingo.com/skill/nb/Food


Is the definitive article absolutely needed in the English conduction?


Is this about a specific university or university students in general


"Universitetet" is "the university" so I would say this is about a specific university

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