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  5. "We are fine, how are you?"

"We are fine, how are you?"

Translation:Biz iyiyiz, siz nasılsınız?

July 18, 2015



Can you leave out both pronouns? (The answers suggest not)


No, your suspicion is right: if there are two different subjects in the sentence, you need both pronouns.


From memory, the answers given use one pronoun or the other but not both.


Hmm. I haven't seen the other answers to this one, so I'm not sure. Usually they insist on both pronouns, but maybe you can get away with omitting one, sometimes. (We'll have to wait for one of the contributors to see the thread -- or somebody who speaks better Turkish than I do. =) )


You can maybe omit the first pronoun (biz), but the second pronoun just has to be there.


Can u help me why the second pronoun can not be omitted ?


But DL doesn't require both pronouns.


Why "biz iyiyiz, nasilsiniz" (without "siz") is not correct?


When you have two contrasting subjects in one sentence, you must state both subjects.


But why we can say "biz iyiyiz, nasılsın"?? Without "sen"!


I wrote the same as iFng7: Biz iyiyiz, nasılsınız? Thank you for clarifiying, Alex, but is there ever a case where nasılsınız doesn't need a pronoun preceding it?


I haven't seen this fact in any of the Tips sections up to this point. Is there any way it could be added? It would be very helpful.


You don't need any pronouns if the endings clearly show who you are talking about. Iyiyiz says we are good, and nasılsın asks how are you. No need for pronouns.


But I think I remember the following from an earlier skill that was either dictated or to be translated, "iyiyim, nasılsınız," and don't recall either pronoun mentioned.


The pronouns can be omitted, but Duo is not happy with my answer.


"We are fine, how are you?" Translation: Biz iyiyiz, siz nasılsınız?

"Biz iyiyiz, sen nasılsın?" Another translation as: How are you?

Sen nasılsın? - 1st person singular.


Biz iyiyiz, nasılsınız? Also Is correct answer


How are you supposed to know that 'you' is plural here? (Siz target than sen)


"Siz nasilsiniz" (pointless i) is a sentence in a virtual context; in actual context, no doubt! You ask to one or several person...isn'it?


Biz и siz опускаются при окончаниях указывающих принадлежность, в данном случае можно и не выдавать ошибку


Or can is it optional


How do you differentiate between the "Sen" and "siz" pronouns in words??


"sen" = thou (singular form which doesn't exist anymore in English) and "siz" = you (plural form which also, it seems, is the 'polite' form as in French.)


"Nasılsın" would be right too !!!


isn't "iyiyiz, nasılsınız?" impliying both pronouns, (biz v siz) in the words themselves? --iyiYIZ, nasılSINIZ-- is this formally or grammatically incorrect? like, for a native speaker i would sound like a caveman or they wouldn't even understand




"We are fine, how are you?" Translation: Biz iyiyiz, siz nasılsınız?

İyiyiz, nasılsınız? - "We are fine, how are you?"

İyiyim, nasılsın? - "I am fine, how are you?"

These answers are correct when the personal pronouns are omitted for spoken Turkish.

isn't "iyiyiz, nasılsınız?" impliying both pronouns, (biz v siz) in the words themselves? --iyiYIZ, nasılSINIZ-- is this formally or grammatically incorrect? like, for a native speaker i would sound like a caveman or they wouldn't even understand

Suffixed pronouns are preferable to repeating biz & siz during spoken Turkish. The 1st person plural "-ız" & 2nd person plural "-sınız" suffixes in a single word shows a degree of Turkish language fluency that cavemen would envy.

Bu sabah nasılsın? - How are you this morning?

Thank you


ocidsaofcuasoikfdpsakio thank you so muchj for the reply

(i wish i had seen this 6 days earlier) iyiyim c: ya sen? (also, did i said this correctly? hmMm)



iyiyim c: ya sen? - Bende çok iyiyim - I'm also very well

Rica ederim! - You're welcome!


I think "Iyiyiz, nasılsın?" should be accepted as well


İyiyiz also means we are fine and similarly nasılsınız means how are you... Then why is there a need to add biz and siz


ben iyiyim, nasılsınız ? should be perfectly acceptable since it has been accepted on multiple other occasions. at least stay consistent,Duo!!!


Why is wrong? "Biz iyiyiz nasılsın"


Hello Moein

Why is wrong? "Biz iyiyiz nasılsın" --> we are fine, how are you?

Your answer is correct when more than one person is addressing how an individual is.

İyiyim, nasılsın? --> one to one.

İyiyiz nasılsınız? --> plural to plural.

Biz iyiyiz, siz nasılsınız? Duo being formal & polite.

Thank you.


I think it depends on the situation, my Turkish friends don't use the second siz

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