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"They had to travel for a whole day before they reached the mountain."

Translation:Ili devis vojaĝi dum tuta tago antaŭ ol ili atingis la monton .

July 18, 2015



it seems that 'ol'/than is required here. Why? I seem to be able to translate it easily without what seems to be the unneeded 'ol'.


"Antaŭ" is used before expressions of time or action (usually nouns). "Antaŭ ol" is used before verbs and phrases which contain verbs.



Thanks, mihxal, for leading me to another resource. It would be nice if it were written in English rather than Esperanto, but then again, reading [with the help of Google] 'real' Esperanto is part of the learning process!


It's written in quite simple language. You have already known many words which are used in the description.

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