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What about Old English?

I think Old English would be an interesting addition to Duo. Years ago after hearing a sample of it, I thought it was pretty neat and thought about trying to learn it, but it fell off my radar. What do you guys think? I haven't seen anyone else mention it. I know it would be a "just for fun" language .

July 19, 2015



There'd be no harm in it. I'm also excited for Icelandic; the Icelandic can understand Old Norse, the written language is almost the same and Icelandic is known for not borrowing words from other languages. A lot of these historical languages are fascinating.


That sounds really interesting. I just thought about how we have period movies about what we think life was like all those hundreds and thousands of years ago, but I don't think many realize just how different the sound was as well. Our own native language would probably be foreign to us.


I hope it will come, it is not just for fun, it helps learning about language evolution, and english per se.

I assume you are familiar with that there is a version of wikipedia in old english.



No I didn't know. Thanks. Maybe one day I'll be able to read it!


You'd probably like this podcast series: http://historyofenglishpodcast.com/2013/07/ Somebody mentioned an episode of it a few days back and I'm finding very interesting. (If anyone reading this is that person, then thanks, I couldn't find the post again to say it there). It starts way back with Proto-Indo-European and works forwards though to modern English. The style is a little dry, but because of the content that hardly matters.


Thanks for sharing this looks like a lot of interesting information


Hwæt abutan Ealdne Ængelisc?


I really like this idea! +1 And like someone said, not just for fun, it can really help to understand the language evolution :D



I would want to learn old English, I also want Scottish to be a course

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