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Duolingo Roadmap

I think it would be nice to see some kind of roadmap for Duolingo that shows us upcoming features/changes/improvements and maybe even new languages.

December 30, 2012



This is not a bad idea. We'll consider doing something about it.


Just curious as to what we can expect for the future.


Only the greatest things :)


Says the man whose motto is "Loose lips sink ships."


becouse even learning new languages need some planning .... ;-) We are not inverstors (except that we invest some of our time, of course ...) nor manages, bat a little of "vision" could be very heplful. Thanks for all your efforts.


I think this is the best answer. Should I start on French now, or should I wait a few months to get started on Cantonese or Hindi?


First, thank you Duolingo for a fabulous product! I am so grateful for the ability to learn Irish so quickly. I started the Irish tree in April, 2017 and completed it in August, 2017. I continue to fine tune my skills. Irish is my eighth language and the first one I have studied online. Duolingo is my premier tool for learning Irish along with a Skype class.
Also, I am so grateful to Duolingo, for its decision to locate in Pittsburgh, PA. As a fellow Pennsylvanian, thank you! That being said, I am disappointed with the way the new "crown system" was rolled out. As a former manager of software development and deployment, communication for the new features was lacking. Maybe I missed something, but I was totally unaware of the changes until I was forced to upgrade. Not a good expérience for me or, I am sure, for other learners. What can Duolingo do to prevent this type of unhappiness in the future? Use your language administrators to help communicate changes in small bits. Start communicating the changes 5 to 7 business days beforehand. You can have all the language acquisition, psychological studies and utilisation metrics, but until language leaners feel connected with basic communication, Duolingo will be "less than". Communication does not have to be a high cost line item. Use your language volunteer admins to assist with the process. Good communication is part of thé software development lifecycle!


I agree. Why not communicate with us. I’m using Duolingo French and paying for it. I’m in the dark about much of what you do. I’m finding typos and errors a lot in the new crown Duolingo. It’s frustrating. Here you are in the language/communication business and you don’t communicate.


it would be rather disappointing if in the middle of developments, they drop the feature. but that's how it is in the real world, betas don't always pass. i'm okay with not having the roadmap, when features come, hoorah! :)


I had all 78 lessons in gold and then the next day 60 changed color. Why? And I’m only at 67%. Please explain.


I was 65% before to do lessons with time. Now I'm 77% in english. I would like to know fluently all languaes that I do on Duo. At least two or three would be awesome get fluency. Except portuguese, because it is my native language.


Respectfully, your English fluency needs a good deal of work. Although the Duolingo fluency indicator may be helpful and encouraging, it cannot accurately assess speaking and writing capabilities. In addition to Duolingo, I have engaged a teacher to help me with my language studies. Good luck to you in all your endeavors!


I just logged in to my account and I am so angry. Everything I have done has been wiped out overnight. The current email proclaimed that the new Duolingo is here! You can practice and learn even harder lessons! Wow, how great, I get to start from square one all over again. You think because this is free I have no right to complain but I invested a lot of time and effort. I really wanted to learn Spanish but I am not starting all over again. I was at 54% last night, today there is a stupid little gold crown with 41 in the middle, whatever that is supposed to mean. Why did Duolingo think it was ok to treat people this way? It is cruel.


You don't lose any of your progress, and the fluency meter was really flawed anyway :/


I just don't understand what happened to my Duolingo. I had solid golden trees in Italian and French. Then, the format changed and I'm not sure I'll retain what I learned because all the skills are showing partial completion. Isn't it a waste of time to try to complete the skills now since I have already mastered them. Of course, I'm not perfect in all my skills, but who is? It is so very repetitious. While I'm on the top (easiest) part of the tree, the difficult parts are far away. That's why I'm fearful of forgetting those harder skills. Has anyone else felt the same way? What's your approach to learning now? I was starting on my Spanish tree, but I cannot even try that now with so much uncovered in my Italian and French trees! I just don't get it!!


Jan -- I understand your pain and frustration. Although I am a big supporter of Duolingo, I share you unhappiness and I resent feeling "thrown back" to the beginning of the learning process. I am at Level 21 in the Irish language program. While I know that 's no going back to the former app, I just wonder if better communication from Duolingo on the new rollout would have prevented the disconnects many of us feel. Good luck on your continuing studies in French and Spanish!

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