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"Spiser hun fremdeles med oss?"

Translation:Does she still eat with us?

July 19, 2015



Ahh, what's the difference between fortsatt and fremdeles?


It's a very subtle difference and results with Google suggest fortsatt is used a lot more often than fremdeles, so maybe the difference is disappearing in everyday language? However, the difference might become clearer if you translate it into German, in case someone is learning that too. Fortsatt is "weiterhin", it is oriented more towards the future, as in today and continuing in the future (fortsatt, common root with "forsetzen" in German?) while fremdeles is "immer noch", it is looking at the past, you could imagine someone saying "Is she still eating with us after what happened last time?" Not sure that's how Norwegians use it, but that's how I would interpret it.


wow, this is extremely useful for germans learning norwegian


According to finds on Google as well, some people say that fremdeles sounds more formal and bookish than fortsatt (and ennå), so fortsatt would be the most commonly used adverb I guess.


"Does she still want to eat with us" sounds more natural, than "does she still want to eat together with us"


A sentence a mother might say to determine if she needs to set an extra plate.


Mr Gould, unless I misunderstand your question..."Is eating her still with us?" --is she still eating with us. 11Jul17


How would this translate verbatim?


Is eating she still with us?

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