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  5. "Тут є туалет?"

"Тут є туалет?"

Translation:Is there a toilet here?

July 19, 2015



how about "туалет" can be also translated like "toilet" ?


Майте на увазі, що "toilet" - це також "a large bowl for urinating or defecating into, typically plumbed into a sewage system and with a flushing mechanism. ("Liz heard the toilet flush")", тобто, "унітаз". З іншого боку, bathroom - це ванна кімната, вона може бути без згаданого санітарно-технічного приладу (унітаза). Кращим варіантом "туалету" може бути "restroom", так, принаймні, називають ці заклади в Сполучених Штатах.


maybe, but in the UK it's a much more common word than "bathroom" (since, of course, it is unlikely to contain a bath)


Why not just " Is here a toilet?"?


That's wrong in English. The sentence structure is "Is there ... here?" or "Are there ... here?"


I translated "washroom". Duo did not like this and showed "bathroom" as correct. I don't know about everywhere else, but in Canada most common word is "washroom". Seldom you can hear "bathroom". "Toilet" is used as the word for the "toilet bowl". (French Canadians use word "Toilet", when speaking French)


The Right translation is: is there A toilet her? And not: is there THE toilet here? This is WRONG ENGLISH!


Chill. You "shouting" in a comment doesn't make it more visible xD

Current status: there is only "a". Was fixed at some point.


It is so hard to tell the difference when the sentence is being said as a statement vs a question. She sounds like "the toilet is here". But The answer was asked in form of a question "Is there a toilet here?" Are things not emphasized at the end to signify the question?

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