"The short stories were unbelievably bad."

Translation:Novellene var utrolig dårlige.

July 19, 2015

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In English, German and Dutch short stories and novellas are not the same. Does that distinction not exist in Norwegian?


'Novelle' is a wide (and vague) genre in Norway, which indeed covers both what you would call short stories and novellas. It pretty much covers any fictional prose shorter than a 'roman' (novel) which doesn't fit into a more narrow genre such as 'eventyr' (fairy tales).

Store norske leksikon entry on 'novelle'. (in Norwegian)


It isn't like novellas are well-defined in English either, but I'd say the upper limit on a short story is 50 pages, at which point it becomes a novella until you reach about 200 pages.


Can someone explain to me "utrolig" takes the singular and "darlige" the plural in this case? Thanks!


"utrolig" is modifying an adjective, so it's an adverb. Adverbs can be formed from the neuter form of the adjective, some of which do not end in "t" (e.g, those ending in -ig, billig, utrolig, etc.).


Because utrolig doesn't work as an adjective here


Always the same sentences back and forth. Far too easy

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