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  5. "Klokka er straks fire."

"Klokka er straks fire."

Translation:It is soon four o'clock.

July 19, 2015



As an native English speaker, I'd guarantee strange looks if I ever said "it is soon 4 o' clock." I would probably say something like "it is almost 4 o' clock" or "it will be 4 o' clock soon." It may be a common phrase in other English speaking countries, but here, the given translation would be awkward.


Yeah i was thinking "it's nearly four o'clock" might be a better way to say this.


As a native speaker (American English), I agree with this 100%.


Wish these sentences would accept stuff like "4:00" i always get these wrong by writing times that way out of habit


could this mean it is now four o'clock, given that straks can mean now?


No, you would just say "Klokka er fire." in that case.

I'm not sure 'straks' can ever mean 'now', do you have any examples?


Straks could mean "right now!" if you use a strict tone.

For example "kom hit straks!" would be "come here right now!" or "get over here right now!". At least I know i've been yelled at where straks was used in that way : P

But that might just be a dialectal thing.


Not off the top of my head, unfortunately.

Btw, the bokmalsordbok gives straks as om et øyeblikk, which is also what I thought it meant, but which seems to me much closer in the future than soon.


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