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"Man kan laste ned filene fra nettet."

Translation:One can download the files from the web.

July 19, 2015



This is just a minor detail compared to the great work you do with this fantastic website: I am not sure, but I dont think "laste ned" has been introduced before, and its not outlined as a new word. Can you check? Thanks in advance.


It was introduced in the lesson called "Computers".


I'm in the Computers lesson and it isn't underlined in it when it is introduced.


Perhaps because it's made up of two words? I'm not really sure when Duolingo wants to introduce new words...


Yeah after finishing the lesson I'm pretty confused about duo's choices for new word. There were a few not highlighted. And I also started French and almost nothing is highlighted there. Maybe an A/B test where we don't get to know new words? Oh duo.


I've been getting the "new word not highlighted" problem a lot, especially in later lessons. I also get duo insisting words that I do know are new. I've stopped relying on it as an indicator now.


Oh thank you and sorry for the trouble. My mistake! :)


Why isn't "the net" acceptable for "nettet" ? The web and the net are pretty much similar in English, isn't it? Or I might misunderstand


Now it was accepted.


Why isn't "the internet" accepted? I don't believe most english speakers in the US would ever say "the web".

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