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"Fuair na póilíní fuil ar an dtalamh."

Translation:The police found blood on the ground.

July 19, 2015



Shouldn't it be 'ar an talamh'?


I thought the same thing . Ar an talamh?


According to GnaG, it's ar an dtalamh in Munster, ar an talamh in Connacht and the Caighdeán, and ar an thalamh in Ulster.


Ulster is ar an talamh as well. The dialect generally lenites, but not for d/t. It's probably not mentioned explicitly in the GnaG page you linked because lenition doesn't occur here anyway (dentals rule). In another section, GnaG is explicit about it.


"the police got blood on the ground"?


The 'got' that equates with faigh is more like 'I got something', as far as I'm aware (he got a book, for example)


In this sentence, fuair could be “got” in either its “obtained” sense or its “received” sense.


Yes. Perhaps I was interpreting Fergal wrong, but I was thinking he meant it like they were the cause of the blood on the ground (e.g. they spilled it). Which wouldn't be faigh.


Yup — as ever, the devil is in the details of context.


That is exactly how I interpreted it. What is the verb for when the police are the cause of the blood on the ground?


Maybe something like, Tá fuil ar an talamh mar gheall ar na políní -- There is blood on the ground because of the police. Or Dhoirt na políní fuil ar an talamh - The police spilled blood on the ground (literally; could also be 'pour')


Okay, that makes sense. Irish is much more specific than English in these areas.

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