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  5. "Куди ви ідете?"

"Куди ви ідете?"

Translation:Where are you going?

July 19, 2015



Why is "Where do you go" not correct?


I think that might be "Куди ви ходите", because it implies a usual, or habitual journey.


What is the difference between Куди and Де?


Куди is where to (=in which direction, =to what destination). Obviously, in English you can simply use "where" in this case meaning direction, but in Ukrainian you can't

Де is where, meaning the location

Куди ти йдеш? = Where are you going to? (which can also be translated as Where are you going?, so it's a question about the direction).

Де ти? = Where are you? (so it's a question about the location)


Куди and Де are interchangeable? Or Куди has to be about going somewhere!

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