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Do you know of a book to help children learn Turkish?

Hello everyone. I am trying to teach Turkish to two little Pakistanis (6 and 8 years old). Their native language is Urdu and they know a bit of English. The older one is eager to learn so we are progressing but I'm really struggling with the 6 year old. I could also use help with engaging ways to teach a foreign language to kids.

July 19, 2015


[deactivated user]

    With young kids it's important to keep every part of a lesson very short, because their attention span is not that developed yet;-) Moreover, let them use their various senses. For instance, let them draw something, a monster is always good... So, you tell them: 'the monster has a big body', 'the monster has two square heads', 'the monster has five green arms'. For the colors you can also pick a drawing and you tell them: 'the tree is blue' and they have to do the coloring. These types of exercises are fun and good for listening comprehension. You can think of tons of variation, where they have to circle a word that you call out on a paper you made or find a certain object in a room. ('touch a chair', 'walk around the table', 'sit on the floor', 'bring me something green') For English teaching I loved to use simple songs that are easy to remember such as 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes' to teach the body parts, there must be some songs like that in Turkish as well. Stories can be a way to teach them the animals and you can let them imitate the sound an animal makes whenever you mention it. After a story, you can let them explain to you in Turkish what it was all about or you can ask them specific questions. Games are always good as well, let them play some type of memory and when they have two of the same object, they have to say the word or sit in a circle with a ball and you start with 'bir', the one you throw the ball to afterwards has to say 'iki' and so it continues:-) Finally, kids are still lucky enough to be able to learn by mere exposure, so don't use English (or Urdu) in the class, but always talk Turkish ('merhaba' falan falan) and explain new words by pointing at in the room or showing a picture. I hope these tips will help you...


    Anja, thank you for the reply. I will definitely try the methods that you mention.

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