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  5. "Avukat ondan daha aç."

"Avukat ondan daha aç."

Translation:The lawyer is hungrier than him.

July 19, 2015



why is "the lawyer is more hungry than he is" incorrect?


I think it's probably just a missing alternative. I'd say report it, if you see it again.


and about this : "the lawyer more hungry than her"??


It needs an "is," but "the lawyer is more hungry than her" would be okay.


teşekkür ederim :)


The verb is missing.


Is "daha" optional in this case? For "are you older than me", the answer was "Benden büyük müsünüz"


is the turkish v pronounced as a w


It's not, quite (and I'm hoping a native speaker will comment), but I think it's kind of between an English V and a W. Like you voice it without closing your teeth as hard against your lower lip as you do with an English V? (I'm noticing that the more clearly I enunciate the English V, the more my teeth move toward the front of my lower lip, and the harder I bite down. The Turkish V sounds to me like the opposite of that process: like my teeth should be touching the back of my lip, and like they should barely be touching.)


I agree with your explanation of how to pronounce the Turkish V. And many thanks for explaning the English one :) I am having difficulty pronouncing it.

I think the Turkish V is similar to W but you don't round your lips unless you use it with rounded vowels such as u and o.


Thanks! (And I'm glad the explanation of the English one helps -- I was sitting here, this morning, saying, "very..... very...... very?" to myself, and trying to figure out what I was doing to make the English V sound, and how that changes for softer V's like the Turkish and Spanish ones. I'm sure my family thought I was crazy. =) )


I do that a lot too :D


Actually, it represents the letter "و" In Arabic and Farsi; which is pronounced like an English "W" in Arabic dialects, and like a German "W" in Farsi, Turkish, Dari, Urdu etc...


I wish there were a word for "hangry" in Turkish. It is a universal emotion than every language should be able to express.


There is no "hangriyer" in English. Should be "more hungry "


Why not correct,in turkish it can be him,heroe it's

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