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  5. "Dere har vakre hester."

"Dere har vakre hester."

Translation:You have beautiful horses.

July 19, 2015



is there an unwritten vowel between the letter "k" and the letter "r" or is it an audio-illusion due to the rolling of the k-sound to the r-sound?


There is not supposed to be any vowel between k and r.


ah. ok. thanks!


Why, thank you. I'd even go so far as to say, my horse is amazing!


When we should use pent and vakre? I saw in the previous lessons that "pent" is pretty and now that "vakre" is beautiful. Is there any difference in general terms? Or some specific situations to use them? For instance, to describe feminine and masculine (humans, animals, etc.)? If my question does not make any sense, I'm sorry, I'm not a native English speaker.


Okay this is going to be very hard to explain, but I think you deserve a response. First of all both pretty and beautiful would be used to describe a woman in English. Even with native English speakers there is debate what the difference is, but I would use beautiful to describe a woman if she looked more elegant and mature, but would use pretty to describe more of a funny or just kind girl. I guess the best way to make you understand would be with an analogy, beautiful is like a queen while pretty is more like a princess. I hope this helps, just remember that they're two different words that are similar and can be used interchangeably (at least in English).


Hmm that's interesting! Your explanation helped me a lot :) Tusen takk!

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