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  5. "Why have you stopped here?"

"Why have you stopped here?"

Translation:Hvorfor har du stanset her?

July 19, 2015



The direct translation of the word order seems iffy to me. "Hvorfor stoppet du her?" should be an alternate solution.


That would be "Why did you stop here?"


Famous last words


Where is the exact difference between "stanse" and "slutte" and why is "Hvorfor har du sluttet her?" incorrect?


"slutte" means stop in the sense of finish/conclude. "stanse" is more of a temporary halt


This was a REALLY helpful comment, thank you, Jennifer! I've always struggled a bit with what the difference is between stanse, stoppe, and slutte. Now I get the feeling that they're differentiated like this: å stanse = to come to a standstill / a temporary halt*; å slutte = to conclude, to finish; å stoppe = simple direct cognate to 'to stop', whether temporarily or permanently. If anyone has any further nuances or comments to add, I'd be most grateful!

*In fact, stanse sounds a lot like English 'standstill', which makes it easy to remember. And slutte reminds me of German Schluß, so ditto.

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