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  5. "I did not meet them at home."

"I did not meet them at home."

Translation:Jeg traff dem ikke hjemme.

July 19, 2015



What is the difference between møtte and traff? (In this case)


Could you help me, please?

What is the difference between møtte and traff?


So that thing with the car, did it actually mean "my car met a tree tonight"?


Yes, but in a physical sense, and presumably quite forcefully.


How about Jeg traff ikke dem hjemme"


Pronouns come before ikke when they are the recipient of the action.

Think English "She loves me; she loves me not." We wouldn't say "She loves not me."


A suggested solution was "jeg traff de ei heime" and I don't understand how that could be correct, particularly the 'de ei' part.


Where was that suggested?


On the app, I had put "Jeg traff dem ikke heime" and it said it was wrong and corrected it to this.


"Jeg traff dem ikke heime" is an accepted translation, so if you're sure that you didn't have any typos it sounds like the app was acting up. Fingers crossed it was a one time thing.

'Ei' is a variant of 'ikke', so that would be correct.
'De' should be 'dem' regardless, as it's the object in this sentence.

I hope that clears everything up. :)


Yeah, I'm sure that was my answer. Hopefully it was a one time thing! The app version has been great thus far otherwise.

Also, thanks for explaining the 'ei'--I wasn't aware of that variant, and that was the part that confused me the most!


Are heime and hjemme the same, then?


They mean the same thing, yes, and the choice of which to use is usually dialect dependent.

For some reason the 'heime' is classified as an adverb, and 'hjemme' as a preposition, but that doesn't have any impact on the usage.

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