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"Hun er en sjelden pen kvinne."

Translation:She is an uncommonly pretty woman.

July 19, 2015



Can we say that "Hun er EN sjelden pen kvinne. " is a compliment but "Hun er sjelden EN pen kvinne. " is an insult?


Yes, that's correct. Word order matters. :)


Why is this harsh? It's supposed to be a compliment. "Hun er sjelden en pen kvinne", however...


One of the 9999 cases where knowing German makes things 99 times easier: Sie ist eine selten schöne Frau.


I see people down voting you, instead of informing you and I think that sucks.

It doesn't mean that she "seldom looks pretty," it actually means that she's "uncommonly pretty."


it has the sense "exceptionally pretty" here (that is also an accepted translation)


The english equivalent of this sentence would be "she's a rare beauty," which is a compliment. I have to admit, to English ears saying "she's rarely pretty" implies that it's rare she looks pretty which would be seen as an insult. Languages all work differently though, and Norwegian and English are no exceptions.


"She is a rare beauty." is accepted as correct now.


I'm glad you posted that. I first saw it as "She is a seldom pretty woman" which does come off as an insult. Your post allowed people to respond with the clarification necessary to grasp the language differences.


Quite the opposite: it's a major compliment!


So if I understood correctly: sjelden = seldom, rare, rarely. So in this case it's used to indicate something that is not a common thing, something that's "rare"? This is such a weird sentence for me..


Yes, she's a rare beauty; exceptionally beautiful.

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