"A small port"

Translation:En liten havn

July 19, 2015

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"Port" can mean a gate and a havn, no?


Only 'havn' AFAIK. Where did you see it used as 'gate'(street)?


The English "gate" translates to Norwegian "port", right?


The English word Port translates both into gate (port) and harbor( havn) in Norwegian, that's correct.


In British English, you might say "port" and mean "gate," but not in American English.


Not in American English. Maybe in British English, though I'm not familiar with that usage. Typically, the term "gate," refers to an entry/exit built into freestanding walls or a fence (a fenced property), rather than an entry into a building. You may be thinking of the word "portal," which means (dictionary definition): door, entrance; especially a grand or imposing one/a large door or gate to a building (such as a church)"


In English? Not really. See my response above, re "portal."


I used "små" for small, but it wasn't accepted. Is it normal? If so, why?


"Små" is the plural version of the adjective, but we're only talking about a single port.


That explains a lot! Still can't quite get my små's and litens right. Could you explain how they're used correctly?


It works like all other adjectives in that it has to agree with the gender and number of the noun, its only irregularity is that the plural form looks so different to the singular forms.

The singular indefinite form depends on the gender:

en liten jente (m)
ei lita jente (f)
et lite barn (n)

The singular definite form is either "lille" or "vesle" depending on the dialect, with the former being the most common.

The plural form is "små" across the board; små jenter, små gutter, små barn.


Thank you! So 'små' is more similar to 'small' and liten/lille etc is more comparable to 'little'? I hope I'll be able to fully grasp it once I finish the course :P!


I'm afraid not, as "small" and "little" are technically interchangeable when you're speaking of size.

"A small/little house"
"Et lite hus"

"Several small/little houses"
"Flere små hus"

When you're using "a little (bit)" to speak about the degree of something, then it will be translated with "litt":

"This is a little confusing."
"Dette er litt forvirrende.


Bare hyggelig! :)

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