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Exiting course

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When we are taking a course and we see if we are correct or not then we can see the discussion for that question, we should not be able to accidentally exit the course when we click on someones image! If so then we should get a confirmation saying "are you sure you want to exit your current progress and go to xyz's profile". I have had way to many times where i'm reading comments and tips on a question and either accidentally click a profile and get exited out of my course and have to start all over. Even if im on the last question, it's annoying please fix it to where either we can go back from where we left off or where we have to confirm exiting the course.

4 years ago


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I have the habit of opening new tabs when clicking on links so it's not a problem for me.

4 years ago


Same with me but I've seen numerous people here complain about accidentally exiting the course and having to start over so a pop-up asking if they're sure about leaving the page would be useful.

4 years ago