"Dove abiti?"

Translation:Where do you live?

December 30, 2012

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The system should check if all words are introduced. Abiti has not been on my word list before and therefore it is really difficult to translate. :)


This can be a frustrating occurence. I think, however, that 'abito' as a noun meaning 'suit' has been introduced in clothing, but if you look at the translation then, you will have seen that it is also a verb.


This "abiti" is of the verb "abitare" = to live.


Wasn't it Habito?


Chances are nobody from Duolingo will see your feedback here. You should open a discussion in the forum with that information, this one is for language discussion only.


How do I get to "the forum"?


I hit the mic to answer, but suddenly had to sneeze instead. It marked my answer as correct. Meanwhile, when I pronounce things the same way that the program does, it tells me I'm wrong.

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How do I get to be saying things too? I can't figure it out! Where is 'the mic'?


Go to your settings under your profile, you will then see the option to use the mic and enable it. Save your changes and viola! :)

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Thank you, I just did my first lesson where I got to say something; very important in learning a language!


No Problem :) Glad to help!


When did we learn the plural form of suit means live?


It's not - the verb 'abitare' means 'to live,' and 'abiti' is the 'tu' form of abitare


The stress in "abiti" is not on the last syllable. I'm pretty sure it's on the first, "a".


What is the difference between "Dove Abiti" and "dove vivi." In english they would both translate to where do you live and both are used on duolingo


I think it's a matter of slight nuance in the definitions. Abitare is more your word meaning to dwell or inhabit or reside, whereas vivere is to live and is usually used to explain how one's life ensues... I hope that helps..


Just learned that abiti means clothes. Flashcard for that lesson says, no, it means live. Confusing.


"Abiti" means clothes and ALSO is a verb ( abitare= to live).


Since the lesson was about clothing, the flashcard was confusing!


Why isn't it "Dov'abiti?" ? Thanks for the help!


How about, Where are you living?


Whether or not it accepts that, it's more common to just say "where do you live"


That sounds more like you're trying to use the present continuous, which would require the present tense of the verb stare + the gerundio of the verb: Dove stai vivendo. I would still just use Dove abiti when talking to someone though.. Shorter is (most of the time) better.


I answered: 'where are your clothes?' Is this incorrect? Duolingo tells me it is.


It is. That would be "Dove sono i tuoi abiti?"


Of course! Thank you for your explanation!


Someone please explain the word "abiti". How can it be used in both "Sono i miei abiti" and "Dove abiti"??


As I understand it (and feel free anyone to step in and correct me!) the abiti's in these sentences are two different words that are homonyms of each other. In the first sentence, "Sono i miei abiti," 'abiti' is the plural of 'abito,' or 'suit' in English (the kind you wear), and so means "suits"; in the second, "Dove abiti?" the abiti is the second-person singular conjugation of abitare, to reside or live (at/in), and means "you live." So to sum up, the first sentence translates to "They are my suits," and the second translates to "Where do you live?" (or "Where do you reside?").

Hope this helps!


I gave a wrong answer and it says the correct translation is "Where you live?", not "Where do you live?" Can this be correct? "Where you live?" does not make sense in English, but it does seem to be a literal translation of "Dove abiti?"


How it works this voice reconize stuff? It doesn't work for me?


Could it also be where are your clothes? Because that's one of the definitions?

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