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Wrong streak count in the iOS app

I currently have a 77-day streak count in the web version of duolingo, but today I almost had a heart attack when I saw a 6-day streak in the iOS app. I tried to remember when I lost I day and I confess I was surprisingly sad. Thank god it is just a bug in the iOS app, but a dangerous one: a weak and anxious heart may not resist.

October 16, 2013



Hi morebros, I guess I know what's happening with your streak. If you open your profile page (http://www.duolingo.com/morebros) and look at the streak, it is 79. However, if you point on your streak, you'll see it is 8 for French and 0 for German. The app only shows your streak for the selected language.

Duolingo counts both total streak and individual streaks for languages. You can practice German for a few days in a row, then drop German for a while and learn French. Your total streak will continue, but you'll lose your German streak. This is what happened to you.

If you switch languages every day, you'll have 1-day streak for today's language and 0-day streak for all the other languages, but your total streak will grow!


Thanks, that's a great description of how it works. I can see how that's "right" for language learning, even if not optimally motivational. Amazing how people can get irrationally attached to a streak. (me included!)


Happened to me too, streak freeze doesn't work on the iPhone app so mine was reset too. :(

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