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  5. "Het meisje heeft een vogel."

"Het meisje heeft een vogel."

Translation:The girl has a bird.

July 20, 2015



In German this sentence means that she is crazy


yes. I was already wondering whether it has the same meaning in dutch...


i was about to comment that lmao


Is it only me or it's impossible to recognize in normal speech if it's een or de in this particulat sentence? The "n" is hardly pronounced (if at all, i couldnt hear that). As een comes right after heeft, you hear something like "hevte" which can as well be heeft een and heeft de.


In the Philippines, bird sometimes refer to the male genitalia. In that case, this sentence states that the girl has a p....



Same with Greek lol


At normal speed, the sentence sounds like "Het meisje heeft de vogel", at turtle speed, DL replaces it by "Het meisje heeft een vogel"


I completely agree. It is de and not een


Disagreed, native speaker. Atleast at this date June 2021

There is no d sound in sight, nothing even remotely close to it. If you have the vume of the audo very low the n might be a bit soft. But still there and definitely on normal volume


I think i heard "n" in "een" here is not pronounced. Am i right?


I clearly hear 'een', with N. And that's also the only Dutch way to say it, this N should not be dropped.


When not emphasized, "een" is pronounced like "un" almost as in "pun". When emphasized like "ain" as in "pain".


You are mixing up 1 with een But duo is to blame for that. In the first lessons frustratingly all the een were pronounced as één. So as the number one.

As a native speaker (on here trying to help people with questions) it was very hard to keep hearing that each lesson and still continue. So double frustrating, each time you think "no its not 1 it's een!" (But the phone doesn't listen) But also the thought that everybody will now learn the wrong thing is painfull.

My only hope was well if they ever get to the netherlands they will soon realise the error. Since een is in nearly every sentence.

But yea big mess up from duo and odd that it is still not fixed. 6 years after the start of the course..


It wont allow me to speak


On Android, you have to allow Google access to your microphone. On a computer, it only works in Chrome.


Its saying I'm using the wrong word but its exactly same in when it pops up. I have no idea whats going on


Maybe you wrote "en" instead of "een"?


Did you spell meisje correctly?

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