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"We can look at the situation from another side."

Translation:Duruma başka bir taraftan bakabiliriz.

July 20, 2015



when do we use baska, bir baska, or baska bir.


when you compare "başka" and "başka bir", they merely have a difference. addition of "bir" should occur if the thing that you say "other" is a countable object. like;

"başka bir kedi" another cat (just one) "başka oyun" another game (any other game)

but again, "başka kedi" or "başka bir oyun" can refer to the same remark, so you don't have to think about this a lot.

"bir başka" is a different case though. let me give an example. "bu yaz bir başka güzel", meaning "this summer is better compared to the other summers" you might say that because this summer, something extraordinary might have happened, and it differs from any other summer, thus "other/başka"

i hope i made my point and sorry if i raised more questions..


Is duruma incorrect? I thought that it must be durumu..


'bakmak' takes the dative case so it is 'duruma'.
'durumu' is the accusative case or possessive form.

Durumu biliyorum. = I know the situation.
... ailen durumu ... = ... the situation of the family ...


Why can't we use görebiliriz ?


"Bakmak" ("to look") and "görmek" ("to see") are related but not the same action. Looking at something is an intentional act. Seeing something requires no intent.

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Can we use 'bir başka taraftan...' in this sentence?


Nope, "bir" comes direct before the noun it modifies.


Why didn't Duo accept "Duruma bir başka taraftan bakabiliriz." ?


bir particle must be put just before the modified and after any adjs

a strange man ----- tuhaf bir adam


Why ".. diğer taraftan ..." is not correct?


diğer means the other not other


According to "sesli sözlük"; diğer can be translated as other, another, different and in some cases the other. My translation is "Duruma diğer taraftan bakabiliriz" and still i cannot see why it is not accepted.


When can you say 'diğer' meaning 'another'?


diğer and başka has very similar meanings, both can be translated as other, another, different. I am a native speaker and use it frequently. https://www.seslisozluk.net/di%C4%9Fer-nedir-ne-demek/


"Duruma başka taraftan baka bilirsin". The equivalent English translation given is, "We can look at the situation from another side".

Although understood, in English we wouldn't say "side" as it is NOT a natural sounding translation. In English you would say either "angle", "perspective" OR "viewpoint".

We can look at this situation from another angle“.

We can look at this situation from another perspective / viewpoint".


When you mouse over the word "another", it gives two options: "bir başka" and "başka bir". When should the first be used? Why give it priority in the mouse-over?


Does bakabilirdik is correct??


"Başka taraftan duruma bakabiliriz" başka doğru bir cevap.

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