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  5. When does "hasta" mean "even"?


When does "hasta" mean "even"?

Today I had to translate "Hasta los niños hablan." to English. "Hasta" means "even", "until", "to" or "up to", so I wrote "Until the boys speak", but my answer was not accepted, I should have put "Even the boys speak". Why does "until" not work here?

May 21, 2012



@gmeinsch, thanks for the reply, but don't say that the website is stupid sometimes! It's the only website that actually helped me learn a foreign language the way I enjoy learning / I am able to learn. Besides, it's still in Beta, mark my words, that in a year's time it will be The Best language learning platform on Earth. @sarquis, your explanation is highly appreciated. I'm thrilled to feel like I actually got to a stage in my learning when it could be worth it (and justified) to invest into a proper dictionary :-). Ain't no playin' anymore, it's getting serious.


"Hasta los niños hablan" is being used as an adverb (hasta meaning even).

Since "hasta" has different meanings depending on which part of speech it is being used as (adverb, preposition etc) I would recommend having a quick look at it in a good dictionary to become more familiar with its uses to save future confusion.

To say "until the boys speak" would be something like "Hasta que los niños hablen". (This format uses Hasta + Que + Subjunctive).

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