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I'm worried about a lack of response from Duolingo support & feedback

I know the duolingers are super busy, and they provide an exceptional service, free of charge, which I am very grateful for.

But if they don't have time to reply, due to a gigantic backlog¹ or whatever, I would like to be told.

As it is, I've heard nothing:

  • 14 days since I last got a response to feedback I gave on an exercise (in Portuguese).
  • A month since I last got a response to support requests (I have sent 2 additional, different requests between then and now).

¹ Ticket #77806 (Oct 9) – Ticket #68043 (Sep 23) = almost 10,000 tickets during 16 days if the ticket #'s are dealt consecutively.

October 16, 2013



hey anachron. You're absolutely right. We have an enormous volume of support requests that come through the support tab and a very very small team responding to it all (which we do). I don't see your ticket in our queue. We are very up to date with the queue right now, so there is something wrong here. For feedback on a a sentence we only give an automated response if you were correct. The expectation on the user's side should not be to have a guaranteed response for that feedback. We appreciate it all and we have a pretty sophisticated system that involves our amazing language experts and tools that make it easy to evaluate the feedback. We do look at all of it and it's invaluable to us and the community of language learners as a whole, so keep it coming. We'll figure out what happened.


You've got a couple of emails :)

About sentence feedback: I understand that the sheer volume of feedback can make it impossible to reply to them. However, can I suggest that translations which aren't correct and are suggested repeatedly by users are added to some sort of list in connection with the sentence in question? Otherwise many people may continue suggesting the wrong translations over and over again, getting increasingly frustrated because they don't understand why their translation cannot be accepted.

Thanks for your reply, and again thanks for your wonderful work.


That's a very good idea in my opinion !

However, as we see a lot of times one question asked several times in a same discussion (so it seems not so few users aren't reading the whole discussion page before posting there questions), I fear that not so few users wouldn't read it before reporting it... But I'm maybe too pessimist.
And even if it only avoid some of the reports, again: good idea, IMO.

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