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Translating to what Google translate would use?

Does anyone else find themselves translating word for word instead of translating the sense of the sentence?

I don't mean to, but it's difficult to resist since I know it's likely to result in a higher score.

May 21, 2012



I'm wary of translating the sense of a sentence without a very sound understanding of the subject material. It's too easy to misinterpret someone else's words even when they're using your native language.


I'm talking more about translating something as "she is soldier" instead of "she is a soldier", because it will tend to rate the first slightly more highly, particularly if no one else has translated it previously. The second would make more sense in English, but the first is the word for word translation.


Sometimes I use google if I've forgotten the meaning of a word. And, even sometimes Google differs with duolingo even on that. I find comfort in knowing that even if you scored a zillion percent on every test, if you went to a Latin American country, you'd probably still be lost in your language skills until you used Espanol on a daily basis there.


If you are talking about the translations, the percentage you get does not affect the points you receive. It only tells you how similar your translation is to the others. If the other translations are bad you might get a low percentage even if your translation is better. Just do your best!

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