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words in practice that I don't know

When I do a lesson practice sometimes words come up that I haven't learned. I'm not sure if I was supposed to learn them and for some reason they didn't come up in the lesson or if they are coming up because of a glitch or what but it's a little frustrating. It's not to big of a deal because I can usually guess correctly what the answer is and I guess I did learn a new word... it's just annoying that I have never officially learned them and now they are coming up like they have always been there.

For example: I just finished the "Clothes" lesson in German. I learned that they word for "clothes" is "die Kleidung". But every now and then it will want me to translate from English to German and it will tell me that "die Kleidung" is wrong and tell me that the correct answer was "Klamotten". I didn't learn "Klamotten" in the lesson so that is frustrating when I miss it the first few times... but now I have learned it. So once again, not a HUGE deal. Just thought I would bring light to the issue for the Duolingo team so they can fix it if it gets worse or if someone else is having more problems with it.

October 16, 2013

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I've had this problem before too.

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