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  5. "Yeni bir yasa yolda."

"Yeni bir yasa yolda."

Translation:A new law is on the way.

July 20, 2015



Is "yolda" commonly used idiomatically the same way "on the way" is in English?


So, just playing around with the sentence a bit, if this were just a rumour could we say...

'[Anlaşılan] yeni bir yasa yoldamıştır.'



"yoldaymış" or "yolda imiş". The first one is the short and combined version of the second. We almost use the 1st one always.


What is the difference between 'yasa' and 'hukuk', both being 'law'?


Hukuk is "the whole body of laws governing something", so when you go to law school you just say "Hukuk okuyorum." Etymologically speaking, "hukuk" means "rights" in Arabic. So it's actually a general subject. For example, "criminal law" can be translated as "ceza hukuku". Another example: "Judicial system" is "Hukuk sistemi".

Yasa is more like "a rule regarding a subject". An example would be "Ortak alanlarda sigara içme yasağını düzenleyen yasa değişiyor." "The law regulating the smoking ban in public spaces is changing." In addition, if you want to talk about "the laws of thermodynamics" you need to use "termodinamik yasaları" (or "termodinamik kanunları")


This is very much akin to the difference between "law" and "statute"/"ordinance"/"code" in English -- there is a system of laws that is made up of statutes, ordinances, codes, etc.

(Except for the part about thermodynamics.)


"hukuk" is more like the academic subject instead of a single societal rule :)


What does “yolda” exactly mean here? I tried “enacted” and I was wrong.


It means it is in the process of approval. Like "on the way".


Looks like it just means a draft of the said law is pending approval.


... "is on its way." Isn't that correct as well?


It is correct. However, I guess duolingo uses direct translation, so did not accept it. However, as a native Turkish speaker I wrote "on its way" as well.


Could we say "a new law is forthcoming"?

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