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"Forfatteren skriver mange bøger om magi, men næste år vil han skrive om zombier."

Translation:The author writes a lot of books about magic, but next year he is going to write about zombies.

July 20, 2015



JK Rowling, please can we have "Harry Potter and the zombie apocalypse" ?


Using the word bank, not all the words were listed - possibly due to a lack of space. These long sentences, Duo....


I had the same problem. Not all of the words were in the word bank.


Same problem got it wrong because not all the words were there to choose from


Same happened to me. Interesting : I switched to and fro between keyboard and word bank and after typing the words on the keyboard they appeared in the word bank .


I wanted to report it, but alas there is no way to do it correctly, because it does not belong to one of the three categories of mistakes offered.


I had the same problem then realised if I zoomed out they were there


Why can't we say 'many books' for 'mange bøger'? The answer given was 'a lot of books'.


@Mitzi: report it. I guess it is a missing option in Duolingo's database

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