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"S'il vous plaît buvez plus de vin."

December 30, 2012



I filled in: "Drink more wine please" I feel this should also be accepted!


If you respect the order of words, the software will be more likely to keep your hearts safe.


Plus de vin means "NO MORE wine" Encore de vin means "more wine" N'est-ce pas?


If the sentence is limited to those 3 words, in writing, it can be confusing since it can mean 'more wine' or 'no more wine'. Yet, in oral, if you want more wine, you will pronounce "pluss de vin".

Alternatively, you can say "encore DU vin" (some wine)


There's no negative in 'plus de vin'. I haven't heard 'encore de vin', but that's not surprising given my limited exposure to French. I'd guess they are closely related in meaning.


Really "pluSS" de vin would be more clear here, I think. Although "plus" is technically correct, if you heard this in most contexts, the speaker might well actually mean "Please drink no more wine."


True, she does not pronounces the SS sound and it is wrong. the French version of "please drink no more wine" is "s'il vous plaît ne buvez plus de vin" (no SS sound)

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