My Opinion On Duolingo

This website is a dream come true. This website Duolingo really works and has helped me practice my Spanish so much! I am only 37% fluent, but I believe that if I keep practicing on this website I will get to 100%. I went to Mexico last year, and people were so friendly to me that I spoke their language. I think that Spanish is a wonderful language to learn for many reasons. The first reason is that it benifits you, and you can speak to more people. Another reason is that you can get a better job if you speak more than one language. Spanish is also helpful because it is the base of other languages, like Italian and Portugese. Thank you all for reading this, and I hope this inspires you in anyway possible!!! :) :) :) :)

July 20, 2015


Hi! I agree with you! I really love Duo, too! About the fluency shield, it means nothing, so don't worry about it... And while Spanish, Italian and Portuguese all share the same roots, Spanish is not their base, as language. It can make it easier to learn both of them for sure, though :)

Good luck! xx

July 20, 2015

It's great! Though, I only have 3 more lessons left in Italian and I'm only 58% fluency so I am not sure if you can get to 100%. It also takes a lot of conversation and listening outside of Duolingo to really be able to communicate so I urge everyone to find podcasts and language partners to really put you on through to next level. Good luck, everyone!

July 27, 2015

Me agrada mucho cuando hay personas que aprenden mi idioma. Cuando quieras te ayudo en espaƱol. Saludos.

July 21, 2015

37% I look at you in aww.I think I am only 8% haha

July 27, 2015


August 20, 2015
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