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"Мої улюблені макарони з кетчупом!"

Translation:My favorite macaroni with ketchup!

July 21, 2015



As italian I'm suffering after this.

August 29, 2015


I feel your pain. I could never understand the Ukrainian fascination of ruining perfectly good and al-dente pasta with ketchup . . . similar in their unique way of putting salad and mayonnaise on a hot dog.


Maybe that's because most of us used to eat absolutely-non-al-dente low quality pasta, so the any kind of ketchup is the easiest way to somehow fix the problem :)


I think macaroni should also be correct.

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I do too. Except for the catsup part.


so should noodles. Macaroni is a specific kind of pasta (elbow macaroni), not just pasta in general.


I never tried pasta with ketchup, just the one with tomato sauce. Is it popular in Ukraine?


I would not say that it is popular, but many people like it and not only in Ukraine.


Don't bother. Good pasta deserves a good topping... lol Mind you, Chumak makes better ketchup than most American brands, including Heinz.


I am not 100% sure and I don't feel like doing the research. :( The correct solution should include the verb is, "my favorite is pasta with ketchup." I can however, see an alternate translation of "my favorite ; pasta with ketchup." I'll let the grammar gurus figure it out.


The way I see this sentence is like when somebody sees something and just exclaims its "name": Banana! My favourite pasta! My lovely neighbour from across the street!


Thanks. Yes. Just goes to show that punctuation is important.


I would never grace anything eaten with ketchup with the name "pasta." lol I called it "noodles."


I was marked wrong for "My favorite noodles with ketchup!" Is "noodles" too loose a translation for "макарони"?

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