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"Одна машина, три машини, п'ять машин"

Translation:One car, three cars, five cars

July 21, 2015



What is the difference between Genitive Plural & Nominative Plural??


That's a million dollar question... Is there some specific point of confusion you have?

They differ both in form and in actual us within the sentence. Think of Genitive plural as the form you use in "I have no cars" or "There is a bunch of cars". Words for numbers larger than 4 used to behave as nouns, so the analogy with "a bunch of", "a group of", "a lot of" is better than it seems.


I don't think п'ять is corretly recorded for this example... or I am dumb


For me this is too long pause between words: "одна машина"..."три машини"..."п'ять машин". Although it is very useful for beginners///


one car. three cars.five cars

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