"Дев'ятнадцять машин"

Translation:Nineteen cars

July 21, 2015



Why can't it be 3 cars?

July 21, 2015


Because машин is the genitive plural. When the number for a noun is larger than 5 the noun takes the genitive plural. Three cars would be = "Три машини." When the number is less than 5. It takes the nominative plural, basically the normal plural of the word.

July 28, 2015


Thank you very much!

August 20, 2015


Thank you! I've been trying to figure that out every time!

February 27, 2019


Because дев'ятнадцять means 19.

July 22, 2015


Is машин also masculine? Is машини also accusative plural as well as nominative? Are студенти/студентки accusative plurals?

October 16, 2015


Машина is feminine. Машини can be both plural in Nominative and Accusative, as well as singular in Genitive.

Студенти & студентки are Nominative plurals. The Accusative plurals would be студентів & студенток respectively.

Actually студентки can be also Genitive singular, for example:

<pre>Who did you hear it from? - Від кого ти це почув? I heard it from a (female) student. - Я почув це від студентки. </pre>
October 19, 2015
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