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"An bhfreagróidh an múinteoir a ceist?"

Translation:Will the teacher answer her question?

July 21, 2015



I feel like I may have asked this before, but how does one know that it is "her question" and not "his question?"


a meaning 'his' lenites. a meaning 'their' eclipses.


What is the audible clue that the teacher is answering "her question" as opposed to "the question" since often the definite article is pronounced as just "a"? This was presented as a "type what you hear".

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In this case it's easy. Ceist is feminine and it therefor would be "an cheist" and you would hear the lenited form clearly.


Tuigim anois. If I could just hear now what the speaker would say to distinguish between "an cheist" and "a cheist", the lesson would be complete.

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With Type what you hear exercises, we’re out of luck since we often don’t have enough context to draw conclusions. In a real life situations, the context should make it clear.


Is her pronunciation of "bhfreagróidh" with an initial /v/ a dialect difference or because of the following r? I was expecting /w/ at the beginning of that word.


I think it's more because of the e, making the whole cluster slender. I'm pretty sure that this pronunciation (initial /v/) is common across all dialects.


Is "Will the teacher respond to her question?" a possible translation?


Would you please check the speaker's pronouncement of the Gaeilge word "Bhfreagróidh".This way the speaker says the word does not sound correct.


The pronunciation of bhfreagróidh is correct for Connacht Irish.

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