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  5. "I speak Norwegian."

"I speak Norwegian."

Translation:Jeg snakker norsk.

July 21, 2015



One day, maybe...


Is there any differeces in the use of norsk or nyorsk?


Well, nobody speaks Bokmål or Nynorsk. Those are just written languages.

When you say you speak Norwegian, you mean whatever spoken dialect you are speaking. For foreign learners, it is most common to learn to speak similar the "Oslo-region" dialect.

In my case, when I speak Norwegian, it would be a in a dialect from Ytre Namdalen, more specifically in a Nærøy dialect.

To outsiders I just speak "Trøndersk", and some may be able to narrow it down to "Nord-Trøndersk".


what is the audio then?


Bokmål is closer to the "Oslo-region" dialects than the rest of the country. The language of the machine-read audio sounds like what a Bokmål spoken language might sound like. But that does not exist.

We do however have something we refer to as "newsanchor-norsk" which is a "bokmålified" version of whatever dialect the news anchor has.

Nynorsk was created later to be a "broader" language more representative of the whole country, but only really adapted where the dialects heavily differ from bokmål.


Nynorsk is one of the two official written standards of Norwegian, the other one is Bokmål. In this course we learn Bokmål. This article may give you an idea about the differences between the two and how Norway arrived at having two competing standards of written language: http://theforeigner.no/pages/columns/nynorsk-vs-bokml-agreeing-to-disagree/ .


You mean to ask if there are any differences between Norsk Nynorsk and Norsk Bokmål?


would duo lingo accept jeg kan norsk for this


I don't know, but I think it's possible so just try it :)

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