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Read Dutch Books for Free

First things first - thanks for the Duolingo course. I started with Duolingo 11 months ago now and can't begin to express how useful it is.

Finding resources to continue learning can be a little difficult. So I thought I'd share this. I was reading here:


And read about Vakantiebieb. It's an app that lets you download books to read (it's intended for people going on holiday, the books are automatically deleted after 31st August).

My iPad is now full of Dutch children's books :-)

July 21, 2015



You can also download "de luisterbieb" app, it is an app created by the Dutch national library and it contains hundreds of free audio books. I am from the Netherlands myself and I learned English by lissening to English audiobooks and I think it will also work the other way around for you!

(The app is not directly downloadable via the AppStore, but you can google it and then click the first link)


That's awesome, thanks. Now I have no excuse for not listening to dutch whilst walking to work :)


Great! I was looking for books to read in Dutch! Thank you!


Thank you, I will check it out!


Let's test it out then


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