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I work with a lot of Norwegian colleauges. I had asked one of them what 'hvis' meant (from the Questions course). They all said the original sentence did not make sense. (Hvis bil har du? / Who's car do you have). They said it only meant 'if'. It seems odd that a bunch of Norwegians haven't heard of this word at all.

I did a small amount of googling, and it seems 'hvis' is considered archaic and isn't used anywhere. If so, why is it part of the course?

July 21, 2015


It's part of the course because our one native English-speaker (myself) was being a total noob and added it by mistake. It will be gone in the second tree version.

We are not able to remove it until we have access to our second tree. It will be there for a few months in the interim. The same goes for the infamous pronunciation of "avis."

Can't be easy to keep track of all the little things I imagine : )

Thank you for your understanding!

Nobody's Perfect

What is this 'second tree'? Another version of the current tree, or an entirely new tree with new exercises? Also, why would you have to wait until then?
  1. It's an updated version of the current Norwegian tree.

  2. We are not technically capable of altering this tree without creating a second tree, and we can only create a second tree once Duolingo grants us the ability to do so.

It is archaic and not used anywhere, although i cant speak for all dialects. I would say "hvem sin bil har du" or perhaps change the sentence to "hvem eier bilen din". imo it should not be part of the course

It is old-fashioned, and it has been considered old-fashioned for a long time. I don't think I've ever heard anyone use the word in this sense, unless they intentionally want to sound antique. However, it's still listed in modern dictionaries, and I do find it odd that "a bunch of Norwegians haven't heard of this word at all".

I don't know what to tell you. I work with a group of 8 native Norwegians, half of whom I asked. Non knew about it.

Doesn't it mean "may"? "hvis lyset tar oss" (may the light take us) is some black metal album, haha.

Nope, it means "if". "Hvis lyset tar oss" = "If the light takes us"

Someone's been watching death metal documentaries...

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