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"Of course they have good tools in their house."

Translation:Kompreneble ili havas bonajn ilojn en sia domo.

July 21, 2015



I understand that the above answer is correct, but why is en ilia domo wrong?


That would be someone else's house.


  • Ili (John and Amanda) havas ilojn en sia (John and Amanda's) domo.

  • Ili (John and Amanda) havas ilojn en ilia (Katie and Jack's) domo.

in the case of in their house, "their house" could just as well be someone else's house, it's not necessarily their own house.


Exactly what I was looking for - that difference was never clear to me before. Dankon!


Re "sia":"The adjectival reflexive possessive is one of the elements in the grammar which is experienced by many learners as a serious difficulty." http://www.linguisticsinamsterdam.nl/05/nr01/a02

It won't accept lia because it means a third party "they", but what if a third party "they" is what you mean?


Bonilojn doesnt work?

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