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  5. "L'eau est noire."

"L'eau est noire."

Translation:The water is black.

December 30, 2012

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Why is the water black?


It's midnight and the body of water looks black. I have heard the expression in a song, and Joyce Carol Oates has a book named Black Water...


There is a "fulvic and humic acid electrolyte drink." (ie: black water) It looks cool; i wanted to buy a bottle out of curiosity, but then I realized it was a nine dollar bottle of water. I'm no longer curious.


In what area do you shop? I'm curious because it doesn't cost nearly as much here (in Pennsylvania). It's got the subtle flavour of dirt. ;) (Now how do I say that in French?)


Il a le goût subtil de sol - je crois....


There seem to be a lot of strange sentences on here, but I guess the meaning is less important than understanding the construction.


I don't think it's strange at all. I grew up near a swamp that is famous for its black water, the Okefenokee. It's actually brown, due to tannins, but it appears black and perfectly mirrors the surrounding forrest. It's quite beautiful.


whats the difference between noir and noire?


Masculine vs Feminine


For everyone saying "water isn't black, mneh mneh mneh..."
How about having a little sense of the poetic? "It was a moonless night, the water was black and foreboding"


Why is noire used here and not noir? Is it because water is considered feminine...just like apple?


Absolutely too hard to understand the what the first word was. It sounded way too much like "Le" est Noire. L'eau should sound like LOW!!!


I just checked and it sounds normal. If you want a second opinion you can always go to google translate and use the pronunciation (listen) function by writing the word and clicking the speaker button.


Google translate also is way off sometimes. I usually get a second opinion for what google translate spells:



I agree... when it came up earlier in the quiz, I repeatedly hit the play button because it sounded like Le (which I knew it wasn't) or Loup (which I knew would require Le)... I gave up and hit Skip to see what it was.

I am guessing that the pronunciations are dependent upon where in the country the person who recorded the sounds comes from.


Wait.. What's the difference between noir and noire?


Noir is the masculine version, while noire is the feminine version. In French most of the words ending in e is feminine and those that don't end in e in masculine. I hope that helped!

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