"Our criterion is quality."

Translation:O nosso critério é a qualidade.

October 16, 2013

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why do you need the "o" here?


you actually dont need to include the definite article with possessive adjectives! It's opitional!


Thanks Paulo, so the correct answer list needs updating, not sure how to report this when I'm not in the question though...


I guess the official way is to force a repeat of the question. Sometimes that's hard and sometimes that's easy. This is an easy one: just look up "critério" in your vocab list and do "Practice word" until it comes up again. When I did that, this was the first question I was asked. :-) (I see you have already forced a repeat by redoing the whole lesson; usually the vocab list route is easier.)


Turns out I really needed to redo the whole lesson, unfortunately. But thanks for the tip! It might be nice if they added the feedback on a phrase buttons somewhere in the discussion of that phrase area so then if you realized you should have reported an error, it would be simpler than going back through the material. Maybe i'll suggest it.


I'll report. I just did the same thing!


neither do I, maybe just when you face that again! ;)


unfortunately, due to my complete inability to get the masc/fem right throughout an entire sentence, I had to redo this session about four times and it came up again, so feedback given.


I know you generally don't and I'm not disagreeing with you, but I've looked on the web and in this case it seems to be extremely rare - as rare as an error would be.

Is there maybe a reason why this case is special?


what do you mean by "rare", to include or not include the article?


My apologies. According to my browser history, when I did the search I accidentally used the wrong kind of quotation marks in one of my queries, thus greatly skewing the results.

I did it all again with more care and it turns out that the article is omitted roughly 60% of the time.

Because this means the comment you replied to was very wrong, I have decided to delete it. Hopefully I haven't misinformed too many people.


ok, nevermind =) Bons estudos!


I reported it.


why do we need "a" before qualidade?


I agree. You can see (if you are using the word bank) that is must be necessary - sneaky, I know, but I am sure others have noticed there must always be 4 words left unused.

Is the need for the definite article something to do with the noun being an abstract?


Just when it seems that Duo doesn't favor the use of the article preceding possessive pronouns, it requires it. I guess the safest strategy is to use it all the time, which I had been doing before I started using Duo! :)


Although criterion is correct in this grammatical context, no one commonly uses this word. luckily it's a cognate.

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