Does Internet translation skip important lessons?

Translating Internet sentences earns points for the lessons. This effectively skips over some lessons. I don't think the Internet translations are a good substitute for the lessons because I often see things in questions that I haven't learned. Have I missed those lessons because of Internet translation credits? If so, that is not good.

February 2, 2012

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I feel the same way. I think there should be a hard cap to the points you gain from both lessons and translating. You need to do both to really learn and apply the knowledge.

Perhaps they could make it so that both lessons or translations alone could get you 60% completion on a given section, but to "master" it you would need to do both.

February 3, 2012

Yes aont. I like your proposal. It ensures that you do all the lessons AND do the translations, and nothing is missed. DuoLingo, please note.

February 3, 2012
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Maybe there should be a one question test on each lesson material before you can jump via Internet translating...I'm doing the same thing. Or the lesson material folded somehow into the translation those 2 part capcha codes

February 3, 2012
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