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  5. "I like this supermarket."

"I like this supermarket."

Translation:Is maith liom an t-ollmhargadh seo.

July 21, 2015



Maybe I'm forgetting my Leaving Cert Irish, but shouldn't "taitníonn an t-ollmhargadh seo liom" be accepted?


Indeed it should.


What is the purpose of the t prefix here? And how do you know it happens in this instance?


The Article (an) prefixes "t" in the common form to masculine singular nouns beginning with a vowel except when governed by den, don, san, ag, ar, as, chuig, faoi, le, ó, roimh, thar, trí, um. For example "Cad é an t-am é" (what time is it). Tá an t-ádh leat (you are lucky) : an t-arán (the bread), an t-ainm (the name), an t-éan (the bird), an tEarrach (the Spring). But note :- ag an am, leis an ádh, san arán, ón ainm, ag an éan, etc. There are other rules to prefix " t" but the above is the answer in this particular case.


Hi MicheldeFa2 Buíoch leat go raibh maith agat

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Technically speaking, the nouns governed by those prepositions are in the dative case (an tuiseal tabharthach), and (with very few exceptions), the form of the dative and the nominative are the same, but there are different rules for applying mutation in the dative. For example, the gender of a noun is a significant factor in the mutation of nouns in the nominative, but gender doesn't effect mutations in the dative.

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