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"I do not like to answer questions."

Translation:Ní maith liom ceisteanna a fhreagairt.

July 21, 2015



What governs the ordering of the verbal noun and its subject (before/after)?


A thorough answer to your question can be found here.


So, Tá sé ag díol leabhar (He is selling books), because it's in a progressive tense, but Ní maith liom ceisteanna a fhreagairt (I do not like to answer questions), because it's in the infinitive.

(And in both cases the direct object is bolded.)

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Both of your examples are correct, but there are also other possibilities (e.g. the progressive tense with a pronoun as the verbal noun’s object).


So would "He is selling them" (using a pronoun instead of "books") result in Tá sé á ndíol?


SatharnPHL gave a great explanation in the previous question - 'can you see them'

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