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  5. "Nosso jornal"

"Nosso jornal"

Translation:Our newspaper

July 21, 2015



Why are there so many forms of 'our'? I get the masculine and feminine translations, but why are there others?


For possessive adjectives/pronouns, you agree the gender and number: masculine/feminine, singular/plural

In this case: nosso, nossos, nossa, nossas.


It's an inheritance from Latin. Latin too agreed in gender and number. And the Latin for the same word was noster, which through the centuries became nosso.


it sounds like "Nos a " ... two words


Agreed. At full speed it sounds like "nosso" but slow speed is very much missing that second 'so.'


Can someone please help me with this. On other sentences with nossa/ nosso it has used o or a to start but why not with this one? Bit confused. Can you unravel it for me anyone?


Can't really help you as I'm a beginner myself. But I suggest you get a grammar, which might help with that question. Also, it's mentioned in the tips for possessives.

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