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"Brandmanden løber gennem ilden."

Translation:The fireman is running through the fire.

July 21, 2015



Is brand a Danish word? If so, could 'branden' or 'brandet' be an alternative translation for 'the fire' in Danish? If not, why is the fireman called brandmand and not ildmand?


Yup! "Brand" also means fire. It's used when describing large fires, such as when buildings or ships burn. I'm guessing that's why it's called a brandmand, since they are meant to put out larger fires, and not simple 'ild'. It declines like this: En brand - branden - brande - brandene. Compare this to the Danish verb 'burn' - at brænde.

A burn (the injury) is called a "brandsår" literally a "burn-wound". You may also encounter the word "ildebrand" - a "fireburn" (or a firefire) which is the same as a brand, but a very childish way of saying it.

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That was sooo instructive, thanks a lot Mads-lime!


I think fire fighter should also be accepted here.


April 15 2019 I support that opinion and reported it, as well. Have a Lingot.


I remember on Danish beaches in my childhood the red stinging jellyfish were called "brandman" and the clear non-stinging jellyfish were called "vandman".


Is there a slightly more modern word in Danish, like firefighter in English, to reflect the fact that women do this job too?

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