"Вікторія - журналістка."

Translation:Victoria is a journalist.

July 21, 2015

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What about Victoria instead of Viktoria for an English translation?


Had the same problem, just reported it.


The course is still in beta, so these bugs are being worked out. Viktoria is the preferred answer since names do not get translated, but transliterated. From here on out it should be Viktoria and Viktor. Sorry for the confusion.


Sometimes it allows Victoria and sometimes it demands Viktoria. Inconsistent.


this is ridiculous, so many bugs to fix and you chose to enforce the "k" in the transliteration instead. why not enforce capitals and punctuation next. PITA.


It is the 8th time I try to pass a level and level up in my native language, and alas, I lose a heart over Victoria vs Viktoria. :( 19.03.2016, Victoria is still not accepted as the right answer... Reported.


Do we need to write with that dash?


In Ukrainian you need to put a dash between a subject and a predicate when they are both nouns (that's because we omit є). But Duolingo doesn't check punctuation


Another one where it says Victoria is wrong rather than Vicktoria


I will NEVER delete the "є" ("is") in Ukrainian speech and writing. The "є" makes the sentence more grammatical and complete. A sentence that replaces a Ukrainian letter like "є" with a hyphen, is just plain lazy. "Є" comes from the important Life Giving Verb "TO BE". It should never be replaced with a minimalistic "hyphen"....(must be the cheap Sovietized version that tried ethnic-cleanse and devalue the beautiful, melodic Ukrainian language.) Never allow this to happen again!

[deactivated user]

    As I've shown in my comment here, Taras Shevchenko didn't use «є» in the same way you use it. He lived before the formation Soviet Union. And he's considered a classic Ukrainian poet, praised for his beautiful, melodic language.

    In fact, most Ukrainian writers didn't use «є» the way you use it. Your dialects are an exception to the general pattern.

    This is why the literary Ukrainian doesn't use «є», and this is why this course doesn't accept it.


    A hyphen? Really??

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