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"When I was a child, I used to eat oranges every day."

Translation:Çocukken her gün portakal yerdim.

July 21, 2015



I'd love to know why "çocukken portakal her gün yerdim" is not accepted. Does it sound weird in Turkish? Thanks!


indefinite objects (portakal in this case) usually cannot be moved around. Your sentence doesn't work grammatically and never used, even in daily speech.


So the indefinite object must be directly before the verb?


why say oranges but portakal one orange why not say when İ was a child i used to eat an orange everyday


Both are accepted. General direct objects in Turkish do not take the plural suffix (never ever unless they are preceded by an adjective).

This means "Her gün portakal yerdim" could mean "I used to eat orange every day" or "I used to eat an orange every day." There is no way to tell other than context :)


Why not"When i was a child i ate oranges every day?

Why used to?? optional?


i ate, yedim i used to eat, yerdim (but now i don't)


Why is it yerdim not yedim?

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